sweet herbs

Darwin´s principle of mutation and their natural selection of species has established a multifaceted genealogy of creatures. Taking the part of nature, today´s science has guided to apparently absurd creations. Lucent mices, insulin producing sheeps, cloned creatures of all kinds. The possibilities appears to know no bounds.

Adopting the designers rule "form follows function" as an equivalent of darwin´s law of evolution, triebwerkdesign follows the footsteps of modern scientist.

Two things of the bad taste section of products are mixed. The female gender as a source of life becomes a vessel for breeding herbs.

Sweet herbs is a new kind of artificial interbreeded Product. An irresponsible experiment carried out in the designer´s laboratory with the aim of solving the problems of mankind.

sweet herbs / 2003/2006
jan ott, markus schmid, marcus gruber
deep drawn polystyrene modell
d 130 mm