Startled by the media spectacle surrounded the reporting of the war people with camouflage combat trousers cross paths whilst hastily seeking a PACE badge which will put the world back on an even keel. Heads full of pixled, hacked-up information, confused by the live clips, searching for an angle to understand the terror. The war is new, the war is different, the war is pop, the war is show. Our demonstration, our opposition is the presentation of apoint of view, a style. The tools of the last resort still don’t quite fit in the world we live in, they are awkward and incompatible with every day aesthetics.They should be orientated to their target group and easier to adapt for other uses. The hand grenades with clip-on cover give one an initial impression of how the future tools of freedom can fit in with our lives. Suitable for the whole family, amusing motifs for the little ones, fashionable brands for him and her.The endless possibilities from translucent plastic and wood to brushed aluminium cater for every wish.

livestyle / 2003
jan ott, markus schmid, marcus gruber
1:1 scaled hand painted plastic modell