cargo 2004

Once furniture was given from generation to generation. Through its pomp and craftmanship it represents the prosperity of its owner. Nowadays the only value of a disused piece is the heat value generated in power plants. Representing its owners social standing for a fleeting trend, soon to be replaced like mobile phone ringtones. Cargo doesn't hide behind plastic facades, faked wood and promises. It shows what it is. Pure plywood applied with black lace it already mourns its short lived existence.

Cargo was part of the exibition "heute häute" that took place in the bavarian national museum. The objects created by triebwerkdesign stands in direct coherence to the historic building and its permanent exhibition of antiques.

A limited edition is available at "das moebel", vienna / austria.

cargo / 2004
jan ott / markus schmid
printed plywood
140 x 80 x 80 cm